Mothers Against Raw Salmon

“…a Chicago man sued a well-known local restaurant for $100,000, claiming that he had acquired a nine-foot tapeworm from an undercooked salmon salad in 2006.”

The Internet tells me that it may not be safe to eat raw salmon.  I wonder if that’s a big issue in countries that eat a lot of sushi like Japan. With all the fish they eat – it might be an epidemic!

Maybe they have support groups and organizations on the subject that we couldn’t even imagine.

Instead of having parents check your Holloween candy for hazards, do they have parents check fish for freshness? 

Is it one of those statistics where instead of one in every whatever people knowing someone who’s died of cancer or HIV, it’s one if every whatever people knowing someone who’s gotten sick from eating raw salmon?

Is it like the chicken pox?

Are Japanese students required to take “Food Ed” where they learn the dangers of eating unprotected?

Do really the prudish Japanese not eat salmon because of this risk?  “Oh you eat raw salmon?” might be something someone says to you at a party. Maybe it’s even something the Japanese keep from their parents.

What do you think?

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