Hulk Hogan Meets Felix Unger

Have you heard about this?

“BERLIN – A German woman has divorced her husband because she was fed up with him cleaning all the time.

German media reported the wife got through 15 years of marriage putting up with the man’s penchant for doing household chores, tidying up and rearranging the furniture.”

What the article doesn’t tell you is the other reason for the couple’s split – stress over the family business. You see, the very anal husband and the very small 4’10” Mrs. were part of a popular German co-ed tag-team wrestling duo called “Tiny and Tidy”.

The falling-out started after the team’s semi-final loss to the defending champs: Brother & Sister squat “He Said She Said”. Tiny refused to give interviews after the match. Sources have speculated that she was very upset that the loss came as a result of Tidy being preoccupied with cleaning a pile of tortilla chip crumbs in the first row of the stands. Tiny was pinned while Tidy was going to get a dust-pan from the janitor’s closet.

Although Tiny has repeatedly denied that as a reason for the split many close to the matter have confirmed that they had not shared a bedroom since the night of the crushing defeat. All of this came just weeks after the couple was fitted with matching tattoos – a blue and pink version of a Yin-Yang: the tag-team’s logo. The German Co-Ed Wresting League has already cancelled the team’s remaining matches.

But of course I made all of that up.

Have a good day.

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