Fido the Killer?

A dog that was washed off the family sailboat into rough waters was returned to it’s owners four months later. The family had thought that the pooch was dead.

“The 4-year-old blue heeler, named Sophie Tucker, was captured by rangers last week on St. Bees Island in northern Queensland state, nearly 6 miles (10 kilometers) from where she was washed off the sailboat in November, owner Jan Griffith said.

Rangers initially thought they’d captured a wild dog, but friends who heard about the canine contacted Griffith and suggested it might be Sophie.”

How did the dog live on an island for so long by itself?  

“Sophie appeared to have survived by eating goats, as rangers found several baby goat carcasses around the island, Griffith said.”

That’s amazing to me. Who would have thought that little Sophie would have it in her?

I’m not gonna ask how the owners surmised that the dog had eaten the goats they found on the Island. Maybe the dog was found wearing a necklace of goat ears as trophies. I don’t know.

But my question is: Would you ever think that the pampered canine you have at home could survive Rambo style for four months?

I’m picturing Sophie smeared in goat’s blood war paint, building a shelter by a camp fire.

It’s most surprising because the only thing my dog at home attacks is my dry-cleaning bill when he puts his muddy paws on my pants. But Sophie’s story opens my eyes.

I guess the primal instinct to survive is not too far away for a dog, or any animal for that matter. All species had the skills to make it on their own at some point. This Call of the Wild tale shows us that even when lost at sea, left for dead or forced to kill, our pets can survive with-out us.

This is probably welcome news to most pet owners. Now they know that their dogs, cats, hamsters or parrots have a chance to live if they get lost or run away.

But for me, there is only one real lesson to this: I’m gonna need a new plan to get rid of my mother-in law.

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One Comment on “Fido the Killer?”

  1. joblessinamerica Says:

    This is good news! I recently lost my job and was wondering how to feed my cat without actually buying any cat food. I’ve tried weakening the hummingbirds by not feeding them, but thus far the cat is too fat and lazy to even try for them.

    One of my neighbors actually has a goat……….wonder what goat tastes like?? I wouldn’t waste goat ears like that though, when one is starving, fashion goes completely out the window. I could pressure can those bad boys and store ’em up for winter.

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