How to succeed in the freebasing business

I have another great business idea for everybody.

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the new gadget called “Le Whif” – a novel but strange product that delivers chocolate through something that looks like an asthma inhaler.

“Le Whif is a new way of eating chocolate – by breathing it! ” says the company web-site. It’s been in the papers lately and has been getting a good amount of attention. A 6 pack of them goes for about 10 Euros.

 “Imagine, chocolate without the calories”. Sounds great.

Well my product is not only just as effective as their’s but it’s super cheap to manufacture and can be sold for a fraction of the price.

I’ll call it Le Huff!!

Anyone can manufacture Le Huff for retail sale by buying two items on-line in bulk and putting them together. Are you ready for the two ingredients?

Here they are: A Hershey’s Kiss and a Plastic zip-lock bag.

Just put a Hershey’s Kiss in a plastic bag and you have Le Huff – ready for the market.

The best part is that I’ve seen that you can buy both items for about 10 cents together. It costs only 10 cents to make so you can easily undercut Le Whif, sell the item for only 50 cents each, and get the business of those people who would like to breath in chocolate but are too cheap to pay 10 Euros for 6 inhalers. And the best part is that you’re still making a huge profit.

Besides, Le Huff works just as well as Le Whif. Just open the zip lock bag, put your nose in and inhale – repeat as neccessary. People are gonna love it!

So go out there and get to business. You could be one of the first chocolate inhalant millionaires!

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